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Pontypool and District Golf Club was established at a meeting held on the 3rd April 1903. The Course was initially at Pentranch, the opposite side of the valley to the current course and comprised of nine holes. There was some discord among members and some left and established another golf course at New Inn (Panteg Golf Club).

Shortly after the end of the First World War both Clubs realised that at their present locations they could not expand to provide an 18 hole course. The Clubs agreed to amalgamate and rented land from Pontypool Park Estate, being parts of the Addawint and Pant-y-Gollen Farms at Trevethin. Additional land was leased on the mountain from the Blaenavon Company.  By Easter 1923 the 18 hole course was finalised.

One of the most important decisions in the history of the Club was to purchase the land on which the course was sited from the Park Estate in 1926 for the sum of £2,200.

The original clubhouse was just off Folly Lane and an extension to the building was constructed in 1956 and officially opened in 1957. The cost of this extension was £2,400.

The “mountain holes” were finally abandoned at the end of 1966.

During the early 1970’s the Club started to consider the question of a new Clubhouse. The current location (at Addawint) was agreed and the project was part funded by the sale of the 18th Hole and associated land and buildings to the County Council. The new Clubhouse was opened on the 20th March 1976.

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